Align & Refine Yoga from the Heart

My approach to teaching adults is heart oriented and alignment-based. I call it Align and Refine Yoga. I offer weekly All Levels classes on Tuesdays at 10:30 at the YWCA. Check out my schedule page for more information.

Align and Refine classes are designed to serve students of any level of experience or ability, from beginners to those with special therapeutic needs to advanced practitioners. It is my intention to build and empower each student's self-esteem, while inspiring light-heartedness, playfulness, and joyful creativity within the yoga practice. Each class has a heart-oriented theme which gives a meaningful connection to our daily lives.

An elegant, concise set of alignment principles is applied to each pose. Poses are modified or supported with props if necessary to help each student achieve the general form of pose. Each student should leave yoga class feeling better about him or herself, empowered by the revelation of his or her inner radiance.


Yoga Basics

A slower-paced class, excellent for newcomers, for those who are new to alignment-based yoga, or for anyone who wishes to review the fundamentals. We introduce basic postures, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and principles of alignment. Yoga Basics provides a solid foundation, a starting point for further yogic exploration.


All Levels

This class is between a basic and mixed level class. We focus on a full range of postures with an emphasis on refining our understanding of alignment principles. We accommodate beginners by offering modifications and through the use of props. Students who have an established practice are encouraged to explore more deeply.


Mixed Level

A more energetic, full spectrum class open to students who have some previous yoga experience. In this class we introduce more advanced postures, breathing exercises and meditation techniques and deepen our understanding of yoga.


Bodymind Ballwork

This class combines small ball release techniques with gentle yoga poses. Using our own body weight and balls ranging in size from 1" to 10", we massage and release muscles and soft tissue to create ease and increase range of motion. Learn more.


Private Instruction

I offer private sessions for beginners as well as more experienced practicioners, one-on-one or private group instruction. Whether you are recovering from an injury or just want to gain a deeper understanding of alignment, I am happy to help. Learn more.


Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a quiet, gentle practice utilizing yoga props to fully support the body as we hold floor poses for longer periods. Our focus is on relaxing the body and quieting the mind in order to recharge the energy. I offer restorative workshops and private sessions. Want more information?