Yoga for Kids & Families


My approach to teaching kids is alignment-based and heart oriented, much the same as my approach to teaching adults. The style I teach has its foundation in the Grounded Kids Yoga program created by Cheryl Crawford and Amy Haysman, two educators and yoga teachers.

I offer classes in Matthews on Wednesdays at 4:00 during the school year (check out my current schedule for specific session information). I also offer private sessions for kids and families. Rates are slightly lower than for grown-up privates. You can review those rates on my private sessions information page or get in touch for more specific information.

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The Grounded Yoga program is centered around a series of specific yoga poses rich and detailed in technique yet presented in a wholesome, light and humorous manner so that even the most hesitant will become grounded and embrace the elevating aspects of yoga.

We balance the seriousness with playfulness and include games, songs and guided visualizations in our classes. Our poses serve and honor the individual by providing specific tools for calming down or increasing energy, lightening up or centering through focus and balance as well as the wisdom to know when each is appropriate.

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Children derrive enormous benefits from yoga. Being introduced to yoga at an early age gives them a head start to lifelong health and happiness. Yoga strengthens all parts of the body and helps one become more flexible and coordinated. Our poses are fun to do and generate an overall sense of well being.

Through practicing yoga, children learn ways to relax and manage stress in their lives. Being able to manage energy also helps kids sleep better and lead a more harmonious life. When children learn techniques for self-health, relaxation, and inner fulfillment, they can navigate life's challenges with a little more ease.

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Grounded yoga also enhances self-awareness. Children who practice yoga learn early on to tune into their bodies. Self esteem is bolstered as the children gain control over their bodies and minds. Yoga isn't about winning or losing or comparing oneself to others. It is about bringing unity to one's own life. Children can work together to help each other reach this goal.

Another benefit of yoga is self-discipline. As part of the practice of yoga, kids slow down, hold certain postures, breathe in a certain way and think creatively. Yoga encourages children to master themselves rather than wait for an adult to control them. That is the essence of being grounded.

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In Grounded, we share experiences and fulfill the universal desire to be connected and belong to a group. When we are grounded, we have the stability and strength that it takes to handle any situation with grace, a positive attitude, and flexibility. We end each class with this peace chant:  "May there be peace in our thoughts. May there be peace in our words. May there be peace in our hearts."