A Word About Copyright

A couple of years ago, I was doing some research online when I came across a couple of websites, both for yoga studios, that had used some of my photos without my permission. Once I contacted them, they removed my photos from their sites. That is a form of copyright violation.

Photo Content

About the photos on this site, either:

  1. I own them. I took them. I have photo releases from those who appear in the photos, or they are of me. The photo releases do not grant permission for anyone else's use.
  2. I purchased a license to use them on my site.
  3. I offer photo credit where credit is due to another.

The photos on this site are courtesy Jeff Cravotta, Nan Vuncannon, Sue Selleck, and others who prefer to rettain their privacy. If you want permission to use my photos, kindly contact me and ask.

Other Content

I am responsible for all of the content on these pages. If I have failed to offer proper credit or reference, or if you believe I have overstepped any boundaries with regard to this content, please let me know.

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